Your rural law firm, we live here too!

If you live in the country, you know that there is a unique set of issues that can challenge you. We know it, because we deal with them too. Natural disasters can strike without any warning, drought one day, flood the next, lightning strikes, massive storm events, livestock escaping, fencing, wild dog attacks, pests and disease. But that doesn’t stop the fact that you still need to pay your mortgage, bills and provide for your family.

Where can you turn for real advice on rural issues? Pacific Legal & Conveyancing are your country law firm and we are accomplished at providing confidential advice on all sorts of rural matters. We employ local people, we shop locally and our kids go to school here in the country. We live here too, so we understand your concerns.

We are also skilled at dealing with tricky problems by providing clever legal solutions.

Ask us about buying or selling, boundaries, give ‘n’ take fences, dwelling entitlements, WALs, PICs, access, right of ways, rural rates, clearance sales, auctions, bores, OSMS, Crown roads, enclosure permits, agricultural tenancy agreements, livestock agreements, timber agreements, agistment, commercial farms, tree change, hobby farms, lifestyle blocks, employment, stock and station, inter-generational transfers, rural succession plans, wills and much more… you name it, we can do it!

We also know you are very busy working on and off your property, so we offer flexible communication options and personalised service.

No need to get gussied up to come to an office, just kick off your gumboots and make a cuppa instead. We will bring our tried and tested solutions to you! We offer email, video and phone conferencing as well as home visits for those living in our area.

Let us take a bit of the stress out of your life!

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