Things to Think About!

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Do You Have a Will?

Take a few minutes out to sit down and think about the things that you have not got around to this year. It’s essential if you own property or a business, or are planning a trip, that you have a valid will. It might not seem very important, or maybe it’s something that you just don’t want to think about, however it is going to be important for your loved ones.

A well-written, up to date legal will, (and we’re not talking about one of those pre-printed simplistic ones or a freebie off the internet!), will protect your property and make things a lot easier for your loved ones to finalise everything. Don’t leave a mess behind for everyone else to deal with. Speak to us today about organising the paperwork that will address your specific situation, and set your mind at ease.

Buying or Selling Property?

If you have a property to put on the market, or have your eye on one to buy, ask us about our competitive prices and friendly conveyancing service now, before the rush of the holidays gets in the way! We act Australia-wide too, so if you are selling in one state and buying in another, just have one solicitor deal with it all and make it easier on yourself.

Commercial or Business Start-ups

Thinking of a new business venture? Purchasing or selling a business? Or just need some business start-up advice? We can help with all aspects of setting up a new business or winding down an old one. We are also registered as agents with ASIC, which means we can provide an ongoing service for you in keeping your company on track with ASIC’s requirements and lodging of forms. Ask us about how we can help you so you have a plan for the New Year!

How do you know you’re dealing with a Solicitor and not a Fake?

In these days of internet fraud and email scams, just how do you check that the solicitor you are dealing with is the genuine article? Easy! All solicitors who accept payment for services must have a current Practicing Certificate and be listed with the state’s governing body, in NSW this is the Law Society of NSW, and you can look them up by name, law firm or by area on their website:

If they are not listed, they don’t have a Practising Certificate, meaning that they are not up to date with current practice and are not covered by insurance, so do yourself a favour and find someone who is! Then you will be covered by their Professional Indemnity Insurance and can be assured that they are up to date with the law.

Nikki, Jane and the Pacific Legal & Conveyancing Team