Do It Yourself Legal Documents are here!

About BJ Stevens

Pacific Legal & Conveyancing are proud to introduce the first documents in our new range of Do It Yourself Legal Documents!

This is an all online service where you can quickly and easily create legal documents using a lawyer bot, pay for them by card through our secure facility, then download and print them within minutes!

We know you are busy and looking for online solutions, so we are providing innovative and non-traditional legal options wherever we can.


Do you have a Will? If you own anything, you should have!

Do you need to update your Will? Do it quickly and easily!

Check out our all online Will. You simply get together your information, pay, answer the questions in the Will’s series of interview questions and you have produced your legal Will which you then download, print and sign in front of two witnesses. We have instructions for signing here to make sure you produce a valid Will.

This produces a basic Will in which you can outline your executor(s), beneficiaries, gifts and wishes, and, if signed correctly, produces a legally valid Will. If you wish us to review your Will, you have a more complicated Will, or you need some legal advice, please contact us as we are happy to help for an additional fee.

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Consultancy Services Agreement

We also have a Consultancy Services Agreement which you can customise for your business. Protect your business interests by producing your own agreement which outlines exactly what you are hiring a consultant to do for your business! You can put exactly what you need into the agreement so you will both know where you stand.

You should have an outline of what you want the agreement for, then you simply pay, answer the interview questions online, then download and print. This produces a 28 page document which both parties then sign.

If you need a lawyer to review your document, or need legal advice, please contact us and we are happy to do so for an additional fee.

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As an introductory offer, we are including a free review of your document by a lawyer in the price!

This offer is valid until the 31 January 2019.

We will be adding more DIY Legal Documents soon!